Self-care. Self-love. Skincare. Sephora Love.


Celebrating International Women’s Day, we worked with Sephora to campaign about the importance of self acceptance through caring and loving yourself.

With various brands, the skincare collection at Sephora consists of SPF, Squalane, Retinol, AHA/BHA, and Vitamin C, which are important elements for everyday use.

Representing each ingredient, we summoned five beauty figures; Amalia Hayati, Reina Wardhana, Agnes Oryza, Mita Soedarjo, and Allyssa Hawadi who depict the ultimate character of modern women.

From an active working mother, a sport enthusiast, entrepreneur, traveller, to makeup artist, these women take care of themselves regularly from the core using skincare they find at Sephora stores as well as digitally on

By doing self-care routines everyday, their self-love is reflected positively through their passion and strong personality, making them ready to empower people around them.

Happy International Women’s Day to all passionate women in the world! What do you do everyday to show yourself love and empower other people?

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