“Dream. Do. Drive.” – A visual collaboration featuring Porsche

There are a selection of people who are able to do what they have dreamed of and there are only a number among them who are able to drive themselves to arrive at the right destination.

This video tells the personal story of our Editor in Chief, Hessy Aurelia. How she is able to reach the dream that she had by doing the things that she loves, and finally, with the right tools and vehicle, driving them resolutely to a place she calls home.

In a troubled time like now, we unwittingly have the chance — more than ever — to get in touch with our dreams, for when it’s all over we can get up and do what it takes to drive steadfastly in the direction that we have long desired. Stay safe!

Styled by Anantama Putra
Videographed by Jendela.co
Brushed by Archangela Chelsea

Special thanks to Porsche Indonesia, Max Mara, and Fairmont Jakarta.