Michelle Quan Celebrates International Mother’s Day in Dior

“Those children are the future and as a mother, our role should be to guide them well, raise them well, so they can become better human beings to contribute to the world.”

Celebrating International Mothers’ Day, we ask four brilliant mothers to express their views on motherhood.

We heard Michelle Quan ’s perspective of how wonderful it is being a mother, as she dressed sophisticatedly in @dior.

It’s always a magical process for being a mother, she got to learn to become a better human being. She believes “No amount of hard work is ever waste of time,” and that is a principle that she lives by.

Wardrobe : Dior
Stylist : Jonathan Andy Tan
Videographer : Jendela.Co
Makeup & Hair team : Linda Kusumadewi & Maria Robert
Location : The Library at FourSeason Jakarta