Dior Men Talk: A Conversation on Father’s Day

Celebrating International Father’s Day, our Editor in Chief Hessy Aurelia sat down with influential father figures Lukman Sardi, Daniel Mananta, Oka Antara, Zoey Rasyid, and soon to be a father Dion Wiyoko to discuss their life journey in general to a true meaning of a father for them.

All dressed up in Dior, we found out from the conversation that being a father could never be separated from being a human with all of its aspects in living this life.
From the way we see the world today which leads to certain thoughts, reflection on turning point in life, success stories to everything that can be passed down to the children.

Wardrobe: Dior
Fashion Stylist: Anantama Putera
Makeup Artist: Linda Kusumadewi
Hairstylist: Maria Robert
Videographer: Jendela.co
Location: Savyavasa