BVLGARI Through the Decades

Let’s travel through the decades! All the way back to the ’20s to find some glamour, swing some style in the ’50s, and revel in the rock & roll vibes of the ’70s. Then move along with the flashy tunes of the ’80s and into the illuminating 2000s.

In every stage, we shall always find the spark within. For the outside magical gleam, leave it to BVLGARI

Muse: Tatjana Saphira
Wardrobe: Harry Halim Peggy Hartanto Wiki Wu
Creative Direction & Styling: Anantama Putra
Videographer: Welly Dosen
MUA & Hair stylist: Morin Iwashita
Make up and hair assistant: Agustina Irianti
Location: Zodiac Jakarta